Administrator at Militaru Bogdan Alexandru PFA

I have the desire to help other people to make their dream come true. But sometimes, when you’re in the beginning, you cannot have access at big corporations, which can develop software for you. This is the reason that I started my own agency which helps small companies to become bigger.

Being an independent developer made me to improve multiple skills and to know that having strong skills in programming is not necessary enough:

• Understand the financial system;
• Discuss directly with clients, which made me to understand how valuable is to talk on their language. Not talk too much about programming languages, but point which are the advantages for their business of working with you;
• time management. I consider very important this skill, because we are build as human to procrastinate. It’s better to know how to track your time, to understand which are the tasks and to manage that time in your advantage. The client wants results in the scheduled time;
• deadlines; Having deadlines directly under your hood is much stronger when the client talk directly with you, because the pressure it’s felt differently. I learned how to manage deadline and I prefer to understand which are the hard tasks of a project in the beginning and find solutions for them;
• break a project in milestones; I figured few times in the past that sometimes I spend more time trying to break requirements in sub tasks than actual work, that’s why is better to do it in the beginning. I prefer to have an overview for the entire project in the beginning, because that helps me later to optimize my task better;