Certificate of Computer Engineering at University of Pitesti

I used to enumerate multiple tech words here, placed with bullet points and that doesn’t tell too much about my experience or what I learned, maybe just the curriculum. In the beginning I was sure that the University will make everything for me easier and will be a Wild Card in front of employers.

Now, I know how much helped me the University, to understand what means an Engineer. The most important things, in my opinion, that I’ve learned in four years are: how to identify and how to solve a problem. These are the most substantial assets that an engineer can have.

Other skills learned:

• Electronic engineer and hardware development;
• Assembler development with low lever programming language (programming with Z-80 micro controller);
• Object Oriented Programming using Java;
• Patterns and algorithms in Java and C#;
• Some basics for Web Development using JavaScript, HTML and CSS;

The most interesting part from University for me was about doing projects.