Software Engineer at Airtouch New media

Since I started at ATNM I enjoyed working for, because of all challenging projects. In the beginning, I started working for simple projects and helping my colleagues. I was eager to learn more and I started to work on the back-end.

My first big project was Thomson Bike Tours where I completely manage the project. I worked 2 years improving design, payment system, integrating CRM and others.

After the first year, I had the opportunity to start working for Burger King ES. The mobile app has over 7 million active users.

• Maintain the CMS(Angular 2);
• Maintain the Web Service(NodeJS);
• Maintain the Cloud Architecture using AWS services, load balancers, RDS Cluster with MySQL database;
• Maintain the log server and cache system;
• Scale the system to support the Burger King Portugal mobile app;
• Recently I started to create a new architecture using NodeJS with Typescript more scalable and stable;

In the second year here, I started to learn Golang and I developed a statistics application and 4 Web Services from scratch for:

• Web application with 7 role permissions for one of the most important companies of Coaching and Mentoring from Spain. The purpose of this is to manage the courses and activities between students and teachers;
• Mobile app similar to Google Trips, which shows attractions in France for train travelers;
• Website for a top company from France in the background check area.
• The Christmas Campaign for BK. Working in partnership with all vendors and service providers;

In the third year I started to develop voice skills for Amazon Alexa:

• Burger King – allow users to buy food. Developed with a teammate;
• Maquina de Eructos – play funny songs randomly or selecting by category;
• Guard Dog – simulate the activity of a real dog which protects your house;

Other responsibilities:

• maintain the hosting servers for clients;
• maintain our Gitlab server;
• part of the recruitment team;
• maintain other services used internally;