7 questions from a beginner developer [Developer Story]

As a beginner developer for sure you have a lot of questions. The most of them are related to development, but others are about the life as developer. I created this article to present you 7 questions from a beginner developer.

I remember how I was full of questions about what laptop a real developer use, what code editor he loves or what to choose between dark or white theme.

I read a lot of stories, articles or posts trying to become what I used to call “real developer”. But after any information gained, I felt like I know nothing more because my questions becomes bigger and bigger. Until one day when the response

It’s up to you

wasn’t anymore a stereotype, because that’s so true.

In this article you can read some common questions that a beginner developer has, but let’s start having in mind the previous quote.

You can be the best developer in the world even if your daily based text editor is notepad++. You can offer the same quality of code even if your theme is white or dark. For sure, you can be no less productive if you use Windows, macOS or Linux.

I had all these questions and I spent too much time reading about them, instead of improve my skills as developer. Don’t go in that trap as me, because it’s very easy.

So, should I use…

Q1. Text editor or IDE

Text editor or IDE, this question has a very high rich throw junior developers, because the IDE(Integrated Development Environment) it’s suggested since the beginning of university.

As a beginner developer, I had this question too, because I had the impression that using an IDE will help me a lot. It’s not exactly the case, because in fact you are the one who write the code in the end. I read a bit about this topic and I had too many ideas among programmers. The majority of these replies were just simple opinions, without any foundation.

The answer for this question it’s very simple, don’t try to spend time on using something, just because someone it’s telling you that. Use exactly what you feel comfortable with. Doesn’t matter if you use Notepad++ or a full IDE.

This question it’s tricky, because if for example you are an Android developer, you don’t need to decide between a text editor or IDE, Android Studio it’s exactly what you need. There are some alternatives like Eclipse, but in this case I don’t think will be more productive. As a .NET or Xamarin developer, you need to use Visual Studio, so here is not really a personal decision.

If you are a web developer, are a lot of options out there. Personally I prefer VSCode as my daily base editor. I use it for JavaScript, Golang, PHP on both front end and back end.

Q2. White or Dark theme

I remarked a lot of activity in comments of this type of question, white or dark theme. I don’t understand exactly what’s the point, because this is for sure a personal decision.

When I started the majority of tools used had a white theme, so that made me to prefer white. After some times spend in the front of my computer I discovered that white tones are disturbing me and I tried the dark themes and I stayed there.

I know people from both teams, and trust me that you’re not less productive using white or dark theme. The code is written by you and that only matter.

Q3. Windows, Linux or macOS

Stop worrying about the operating system, trust me. Don’t spend time with questions like that, because you’re valuable with anything that makes you happy. If you advanced fast with Windows, don’t jump to Linux just because people are telling you that.

Personally I prefer macOS because it fits better with my needs. I really like the bash instead of command prompt. Linux has it too, but I prefer it on servers, without GUI, because it’s faster and better.

Use whatever operating system makes you a better developer.

Q4. MacBook or PC

Let’s make it clear, PC means computer desktop or laptop, not from apple. This question is correlated somehow with the previous one, but has a standalone topic.

As I specified before, I prefer MacBook Pro because

  • Portability
  • Clean design
  • Performance
  • Weight
  • Battery

Other preference that I have it’s Lenovo ThinkPad series, I consider those laptops very nice and solid.

But, when I start to code, I had a very basic desktop computer with 4gb ram, Intel dual core 2600Hz processor, integrated video card and 500gb HDD. Nothing fancy, nothing powerful, but I have the desire to learn. After few months I found it hard to use it and because of portability that I needed for university I decided to buy a laptop. I bought am Acer Aspire E1-570, I3 processor, 4gb ram + other 4 added later by me, 250 GB Kingston added by me. The laptop made me big and helped me to learn to program. After I was hired at Airtouch New Media, in Bucharest, I got a MacBook Pro from 2012 mid with 16gb ram, 2.2ghz processor and 500gb SSD.

Now that we established all these details you can understand that I followed a full road map and I suggest you to choose exactly what you make comfortable and solve your need. If you need portability buy a laptop. If you need something powerful buy a desktop system, if you need both buy a powerful laptop but the price will be increased.

Q5. Coffee or beer

You’re a programmer, not a drunker, you must drink coffee. If you don’t drink coffee, you cannot do quality code.

A programmer is a person who turns coffee in code.

No, really, you must drink coffee if you wanna be a pro. I can see a lot of dudes out there which are calling themselves programmers, but no coffee.

Honestly, drink whatever you want, doesn’t matter, just try to become a successful developer

Q6. Books or articles

When I need to take this decision, between reading a book or articles, depends very much on how fast  you need that information. If you’re working a project and you cannot continue, it’s faster to simple read one, two articles and to move forward. But if you want to understand how that system works, I recommend you to read a book or the official documentation.

Q7. Tutorials or read

Depending on your learning style some of you prefer to watch tutorials instead of lection. When you choose video, I consider that you need more concentration and a good environment. Personally I’m much comfortable to read when I’m in places like metro, train or there is noise.

But this is a personal decision and doesn’t matter which is the source of information. Just start learning today, because tomorrow can be too late.


Stop putting bad questions and instead try to find the good ones. Don’t lose your interest in programming because others tell you that you’re not a real programmer until you don’t use for example VIM.

Every person has its own style of living so don’t try to be someone else. You’re the strongest person under your skin. I failed many times until I understood that.

PS: Don’t treat people like shit, just because you’re a big man, a strong programmer. When you blame someone else for your actions, that’s probably your incapacity.

Tell me your opinion about these questions and let me know if you have others. I’ll reply in comment, but if it’s good enough, your question will receive a place in this article or even a special article with credits. Start asking!!

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