You have time to work later, better start now

You have time to work later, this is bullshit. You don’t have, do it today and you are closer to success. If you have an idea and start to work hard now, tomorrow you don’t need to worry that someone stoles it.

You have time to work later, but why to wait until later, when now is closer. This topic comes in my mind every time when I succeed to finish a stage. I’m happy every time that I never stopped doing things at the right moment. You are the person who decide when is the time, not someone else.

I had a very good friend when I was in college which told me to stop working like a maniac, because there is time later. In his perception that was the right time just for fun. What he didn’t noticed was that I don’t party as much as him. But I advanced in other domains, I got a job, I took all my exams and I had a chaotic life. I wake up in the morning at 6.30-7:00, and I was back in bed at 00:00 or 1:00

Workaholic developer

I was a workaholic developer and still I am. But really like to live like this because programming it’s a passion for me. I worked a lot in my beginning because I had a lot to learn. What I did was to go at university, go to work and later work again homework or other projects that improved my skills as developer.

When I worked at Roweb, I had a low profile as developer and I felt that, but I tried to improve myself. Back in my internship which officially took 3 months, but unofficially I changed emails and I visit their headquarter by time to time asking some questions about project. I tried to do more and to learn more for every project, even the requirements were much simpler. Try to think beyond of limits and all the time my questions were how to do something more complex than my request. I learned that rule after time, that sometimes, at least in the beginning when your experience and skills are not very helpful it’s better to take it step by step, think fast, think farther, but you don’t have time to work later, do it now.

You don’t have time to work later if you want to be a dreamer, the success is ahead

The success is ahead, but doesn’t exist a guaranteed method to become successful. Everything is hard in the beginning. You don’t trust me? I’m a beginner blogger, I write articles since 1 year, my blog is not the best, but I’m trying. I have real rewards, yesterday I got my first relevant comment, when someone asks my opinion about something related to Golang, for this article.

My dream since I was a child was to do something big, something real, I didn’t knew at that time what’s all about, and I still don’t. But in this moment I know that can be programming, I don’t know what should be, I have many ideas. I’m a perfectionist and that’s something good and bad in the same time.

My friend told me to take my time off, to relax myself, because that’s the period of life when we should be relaxed. I didn’t take that advice because I still consider that was not right for me. I offer you the same advice to don’t be relaxed if you have big dreams, because nothing comes for free. Nutella doesn’t come from free, when you have a bite in the supermarket, in the end you’ll go to buy a jar. You’re not going to work because you don’t have something better to do. Let’s be honest, you do that for money. Why you don’t stay home and work for open source ? Yeah, that’s what I’m saying, everything have a price, your dream have a price. Stop procrastinating and do something for your future, the success is ahead.

For me right now it’s all about becoming better and better. In one day I want to help people to do better. I want to help people from to get easier skills in programming. I want to have a shelter for animals, but probably it will be for dogs. For me, I really want to have the impact that Steve Jobs had it, the growth of Zuckerberg, but the philanthropy that Bill Gates is. I want to do a lot of things, that’s why for tomorrow is not the right time, yesterday it was.

Time is valuable, don’t waste for a low price, you don’t have time to work later

Time is valuable, is exactly what I think. When you have a lot of things to do, you don’t want to spend it right because you know how big impact that can have for your future.

For example, I don’t want to spent time to cook or clean my home. I do that because I have to, but I know how can I fructify all that time. Instead of dressing the clothes, which is something that I really don’t like. For example, I can read a book or improve my programming skills.

Why is the time valuable ?

The time is valuable because is the only thing in life that you cannot buy it or take it back. It’s important for your mental health to regret nothing, but learn from the past and keep going.

At the beginning of my career, I storied about this here, I had to choose between PHP and .NET. Just these were my options. That was a time invested well because I learned PHP, but I prefer to learn JavaScript for example. Why ? Because at this moment JavaScript it’s a language that I use it as my daily base programming language. The community adopted very well, but the most important, I really like it, more than PHP. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that was a bad decision. But I consider that investing all that time to learn node JS probably helped me more.

When you need to take a decision, you’re trying to stick with the present, without thinking to anticipate what comes next. The ideal case would be to do it like that. Your time is valuable and you don’t have time to work later.

Deal with bad timing, take advantage of that time too

Take advantage of that time, even if the situation is not in your favor. You know how important is the time for you and you don’t need to lose it, but what happens when you are forced to lose it? The answer is simple, try to take the advantage from any circumstance.

At this moment, while I’m preparing this article I’m in service with my car. I need to straighten a wheel. My dark passion is to wait, since 1 hour and half in front of service.

I don’t have the laptop with me, but I have my phone, so I started to write down this article. Bought a coffee as you can see and I started on. This is bad timing, because you are forced to wait somewhere, without any desire to want that. Try to take actions even if you are in the front of service or in the subway. I work in the subway often, because my trip lasts 30 minutes from home to work, so I can take advantage of that time too, I read a book or the emails.

Deal with bad timing is something that you can do too. Find your dead times and win extra time for you or your projects.

Winning extra time for your personal projects

Winning extra time for your personal project or for you can be a hard action, but is possible. There is always a chance to win some time, just try to manage that time better.

As I mentioned before, I have some projects idea and I really need extra time. I have a job, some freelancing activities and I’m trying to write constantly on my blog. This year I’ll finish my master degree, so I need to work on my final project as well. I need to live and to have some time for me and my girlfriend. I’m going to gym 3 times per week, at least for 1 hour per session, so I really understand how’s the thing.

How is possible ?

I’m trying constantly to reduce my bad habits or my dead time. I stared to don’t watch TV and that’s a huge step forward for me, but I still watch YouTube and very rarely Netflix.

I’m trying to procrastinate less and for that I started to use a time counting system, I use the free version of Toggl, just by tracking time. I use it because as human, we are born to procrastinate, so using a tool like that put a pressure on your shoulders to don’t waste time.

Another good thing that I did was to uninstall Facebook from my phone. I still have Instagram, but is not the same.

Try to work harder on saving time from bad habits, because the time exists, but it depends on how you manage it.


You have time to work later, better start now and the success will arise. Be the developer that you want to become, do it today because tomorrow is not an option.

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