The wrong mentality as developer employee

The wrong mentality as a developer employee starts from bad preconceptions. The developer thinks he cannot be replaced, and he is too valuable for that company. But that is so wrong from many points.

Anyone can be replaced

There are a lot of people better than you which can do your tasks. They probably are able to finish your task quicker and better than you. So don’t think that you’re unique, don’t feed that wrong mentality as a developer employee.

I hear from many people about their key position. How valuable they are for the company or how they can do whatever they want. For one of you, that is probably so true, but even then, you can be replaced.

Why is unhealthy for your career ?

Whenever you think you’re too smart, too shiny, too flower power, your creativity stops. You need to stay focus all the way, because as a developer you always have something to learn.

I have days when I fell like I’m the king of developers, like today. Today I integrate CI & CD for a project that I’m working on and I succeed. But yesterday, I face a lot of problems trying to serve a Node JS written in Typescript with pm2 on a Linux machine. So yesterday was a day when I felt bad, but today I learned something new, something very interesting for me. So is always something there to learn.

If you know how good you are, that is a good sign. Is very important for anyone to evaluate himself in the market. But to know his real value. Being subjective doesn’t help you, just grow the wrong mentality as developer employee.

What to do if you’re not appreciated

You are not appreciated by your employer, try first to demonstrate your skills. After some time, tell your boss directly what you did and what you are capable of. If you already tried that and nothing changed, probably is the time to move on.

I know how you feel when your boss doesn’t understand your work, all of us have moments like that in our career. Remember that you’re there because the company is not able to do it alone. Your duty is to help it to grow, but not by your rules. You are very important and your job is to write code, not to provide advices.

Took me some time to understand this part. For me was very frustrating when I came with good ideas. I know they are good and sometimes I discover that I was right. But I’m the developer, I’m the tech guy, not the executive. I felt bad sometimes when I discovered that after a while the company took a decision or solve a problem proposed by me with long time ago.

You should know that every decision has an impact. People are scared to play in real life, scared of losing control. But most of them are afraid of losing the power of decisions. As an entrepreneur you have to think for tomorrow, not just for today, having a plan in mind and your decisions needs to stick with that.

Show value to receive value from your boss

Your boss treat you exactly like you want to be. You disagree now, but if you know that you’re valuable you need to show him. Raise the hand and say it louder. Is not his problem to come to you and offer you a raise. Can depend, but if your boss has a single objective, and we are talking about money, he’ll try to keep the costs down. He knows how much value you add to his company, but usually is his duty to don’t show it.

Whenever you have something to say, think it twice, rethink it one more time, and say it. Have enough strength and face your fear. Don’t stay quiet. You stay quiet when you have not so much value and you know it. Step in front of his face and say what you want. Be polite, he is a business man, as well as you. Both of you want to win, money, authority, power… Whatever one of you want, there is a business in the middle.

Stay focused and value yourself. Don’t let anyone to decide for you. You need to decide your salary, the area of interest and then choose a job. Don’t think the requirements of position will change for you because that’s not true. You have a life, don’t ruin it, for someone else. You’re the most important.

What do you think about bosses which doesn’t take in consideration tech opinion? Reply to me in comments.

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