Build your own blog [own the business, don’t grow others]

Wait for a second, don’t trust me because you’ll understand later. You want to become successful, yes, me too, but don’t make a business if you don’t own the most of the service or product, so build your own blog.

What did I do?

When I started to think about writing blog posts, I realized that I don’t know too much. So I read about how I can gain more traffic and SEO. And the answer was very very simple, because of my area field:

Write on Medium

And somehow I agree with that because the most interesting articles written by me are shared there. But everything is posted first in my side, having everything under control.

Build with your bricks

I’m not here to talk to you about Medium, I like it and offers me quick access to good content, but you need to understand more about the principle.

Let’s talk about building your own business model or building your own blog. When you build a house, you probably want to get some papers which make you the direct owner of that house.

But how cool it’s for you to buy a house without owning the place, just the building, you would still want to buy it?

This principle is kind of similar and you should know this before to start it or at least at some point.

Why you can lose?

It’s very simple to lose in this type of partnership because a single rule changed by the other side can affect entirely your business.

Let’s say you want to create a blog and you don’t know too much. Probably you read some articles and decide to use WordPress hosted. At that moment your content is yours, but the value of your articles is not in your hand. The domain is not yours, you have just a piece, a subdomain, so is not yours.

If WordPress, for example, wants tomorrow to change their model, they can stop hosting service, so your website will be out. In that situation you have just one thing to do, start over.

Why starting over?

If you had everything hosted at WordPress and the domain wasn’t yours All the traffic that you gained, is not anymore yours, because you are not anymore the owner.

You still have the content, but you don’t have visibility anymore. It’s exactly like you’re starting from 0.5.

What you can do instead?

The answer is not hard, but the work to achieve it, surely is. Instead of trying to build something fast, try to build something solid. Coming back to the house example is much better to build a solid house even if you invest more and it will take you more time. In the end, you’ll have a great house and the satisfaction will be at least double.

Start to think at all the alternative that you have building the business, write them down, I really like Trello for management. Now stop there, because all of those will help you. Instead of focusing on building over sometime else model, use their model to grow yourself.

How to grow based on someone else?

You want to grow, you want to do it right, so all you need to do is to understand the model of your partner and then to play after his rule. And yes, there’s a second step, every time, be sure that you mention your name. Play safe and don’t overwhelm your client, but at the same time, make him understand who’s behind of that.

So if you are a blogger, just be sure that you post your materials first on your own website, then share it to partners, mentioning the publisher (that means you, my friend).

Somewhere, in the beginning, I mentioned something about Medium, now is the time to tell you that medium offers you the advantage of importing articles automatically. That’s true, you still have to arrange a little bit the style before to publish it, but not too much effort. That’s cool, but the cool part is not even that. They use something called Canonical Link, which presents your blog article as the best version of that article. So you can republish an article over the internet, in multiple places creating trust in front of search engines and getting many audiences.

As a conclusion, I could say that is more important for you to think on the long term than on the short term. Start your business, work hard and love what you do.

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