How to verify if point of coordinates is inside polygon [Javascript]

These days I had to implement a new feature working for RideSplash. Because we handle a lot of requests that involve geolocation operations I had to add a new functionality that on MongoDB responds in 3s. After implementing this logic on the server with the code attached bellow, the response time was ~300ms

 * Verify if point of coordinates (longitude, latitude) is polygon of coordinates
 * @param {number} latitude Latitude
 * @param {number} longitude Longitude
 * @param {array<[number,number]>} polygon Polygon contains arrays of points. One array have the following format: [latitude,longitude]
export function isPointInPolygon (latitude, longitude, polygon) {
  if (typeof latitude !== 'number' || typeof longitude !== 'number') {
    throw new TypeError('Invalid latitude or longitude. Numbers are expected')
  } else if (!polygon || !Array.isArray(polygon)) {
    throw new TypeError('Invalid polygon. Array with locations expected')
  } else if (polygon.length === 0) {
    throw new TypeError('Invalid polygon. Non-empty Array expected')

  const x = latitude; const y = longitude

  let inside = false
  for (let i = 0, j = polygon.length - 1; i < polygon.length; j = i++) {
    const xi = polygon[i][0]; const yi = polygon[i][1]
    const xj = polygon[j][0]; const yj = polygon[j][1]

    const intersect = ((yi > y) !== (yj > y)) &&
            (x < (xj - xi) * (y - yi) / (yj - yi) + xi)
    if (intersect) inside = !inside

  return inside

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