Simple SMTP server for local development usage

Today I needed a local smtp server and I tried to connect firstly with my gmail account, but that’s not a good idea, because maybe you don’t want to commit your credentials and share them with your team.

Use Gmail SMTP Settings

If you want to use gmail server, with your credentials, here are the credentials:

Username: Your Gmail address (e.g.
Password: Your Gmail password
Port (TLS): 587
Port (SSL): 465
TLS/SSL required: true

Use Local Server

I installed MailCatcher and I discover that it’s very easy to install it and to use it.

About MailCatcher

MailCatcher runs a simple SMTP server, catch all the messages send to it and display them into a web interface.

How to use it

$ gem install mailcatcher

$ mailcatcher

Go to
Send mail through smtp://
Use mailcatcher –help to see the command line options. The brave can get the source from the GitHub repository.

Github Repository can be found here

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