One year of blogging

Hei You and happy birthday to Today it’s exactly one year when the first article was released, on this blog. Since then I learned which are your needs and what should I write about and what should I stop doing.

The most excited moment from this entire year was about [Web service article] because with this article I understood the real value of having this blog alive. This article riched a big interest here and over medium website, where I share a part from my articles and appeared into a digital magazine.

I understand that you don’t want very short articles, because there are a lot of short articles. These viewing  said I’ll try to find the middle point for you guys.

I tried to do my best learning about SEO and how to make it, because I need more exposure for new people to find this. So any share from you will be fantastic and this blog can grow exponentially because of you.

It’s hard to me to find the right moment to write articles because sometimes the time flys. But I’ll try to post at least one or two articles per week, maybe more in the future, hopefully. In order to do that I made a big change; a part of you already saw it, but let’s talk about it in the next paragraph. The change me a lot because I can work better and easier from everywhere. For example I wrote this article in the subway. Don’t trust me ?! Look

metro image boobo94

Migration to WP

Having all these said I want to talk about the change mentioned before.

It was  very hard to me to find enough time to prepare my articles entirely in the front of the computer, because Jekyll somehow force me to do that, yes I tried some CMS attached to it, I tried to build my custom plugins, I tried to improve the SEO of my website, but I really think a change was exactly what I need.


The blog was mgrated from Jekyll to WordPress.

I really appreciate the community behind WordPress and I need to tell you that I completely configured the blog in less than 24 hours with migrations of all articles.

I really need a server capable to handle emails and forms and cronjobs, because I really want to be more committed here.

In the end I want to thank you for having me in your inbox and reading my articles. I find very helpful every share from you and let’s see read more.

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